Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Where is the name FAIRYTAILS coming from?

A: Fairytails (which is often confused with Fairy Tales) is actually referring to tails of Fairies. In English (UK), Fairy is a bad name given to gay people. We have appropriated it and made it positive. Tails is referring to penis. So basically the innocent name Fairytails actually means “Cock of Gay”. Isn´t that magical?


Q: What to expect from a Fairytails party?

A: Fairytails is a typical gay clubbing party like seen in several gay friendly capital cities of the world. Luxembourg is a melting pot so you will meet people from all backgrounds and nationalities. The music is typically queer house tribal music. This music is also known as “Circuit” because of the gay festival music with the same name in Barcelona. We will find a mix of styles and ages, but mostly men. Fairytails is once every 2 months and the anniversary is celebrate on the 3rd weekend of September.


Q: Why do I need to pay an entrance?

A: Fairytails has high costs to be made. It is not sponsored by the government and it takes its investment from the entrance tickets. Fairytails does not have any percentage on drinks or other elements. To put together a Fairytails, there are expenses associated with DJs, their travel and staying (hotels), as well as dancers and drag queens and other performers. There are also considerable advertising costs and not to mention to dress up the dancers and their props. There are also staff to help the party, the photographer as well as technical devices to create the perfect lighting and setting. Also, having to pay the entrance filters out unwanted people.


Q: Why is Fairytails entrance fee so low compared with other parties across Europe?

A: Fairytails keeps its costs as low as possible as in one hand the local residents are not used to pay to get in a venue and also because the number of inhabitants of Luxembourg is quite low, so to fill a room the price needs to stay reasonable. For the same reason, we are not able to hire top known artists for our parties (with some exceptions).


Q: What do we expect from a gogo dancer?

A: To be a gogo dancer at Fairytails the following criteria needs to be met:

  1. Have an athletic or muscled physic;

  2. To not be afraid to wear sexy or extravagant items;

  3. Be member of the LGBTQ+ family;

  4. Be a good dancer;

  5. Sexy and Friendly, to smile;

  6. Know your measures for fitting; 

Q: Are there other parties in Luxembourg?

A: Yes there are. Banana party, Woof party and Lady Like party. There is no club but you have "Bar Rouge". Check "Links".

Q: I want to find a guy, can you help me?

A: No one can do it better than yourself. Go to the parties have fun and mingle and you will meet your other half when least expected. If you need help, try Grindr or, for more serious check out Planet Romeo online.

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